We took a considered approach to our recent renovations and continue to apply this attitude to every aspect of Fiddle + Bow as we expand our collection. We are an active ecotourism business and are committed to reducing the amount of water and energy we consume and in minimising our production of waste.


Renovation: We installed energy efficient equipment throughout Fiddle + Bow, from our gas boiler to our upgraded lighting system. To reduce waste in our rooms, we use refillable VOYA hand soap and body wash, we stock recycled toilet paper and we segregate our bins. We have a policy of responsible printing, only printing when necessary and using recycled paper.


Supporting Local Livelihoods: We contribute to the local economy by maintaining and supporting local employment. We source our services and produce locally as much as possible and promote our region as a sustainable tourism destination.


Cared-For Landscape: In the interest of conserving our natural and cultural heritage, we work with other businesses with the B.E.N. and embrace the Leave No Trace principles.


Cleaning: We monitor our cleaning chemicals and use eco label refillable products as much as possible.